Struggling To Gain Views and Subscribers? 

This quick tutorial is a step-by-step solution to The #1 Problem we see creators battling, daily. 

This quick workshop & tutorial arms you with a step-by-step process to gain clarity, confirmation, and unlock that perfect profitable niche- FAST

"Nitch?" or "Neesh?"

How You Say It Isn't Important.

Whether Or Not You Understand It,



Nail Your Niche is a quick workshop and tutorial bundle to help you conquer the #1 problem that is plaguing most YouTubers right now. If you've struggled to get views and subscribers, it's probably because you haven't identified your PRIME & Profitable Niche

A lack of clarity can bring on a host of problems. At first, it's hard to identify them, but after spending hours scripting, filming and editing... you get NOTHING. ZIP. ZERO. NADA.

Sound familiar? This tiny workshop was designed to REALLY dive in deep so that you can quickly identify the issue, correct it effectively and start seeing results. 

*Warning* You may start identifying niches everywhere. 

What's a Niche and Why do I need one?


A Niche is a specific topic geared for a unique target market. Not having this  down is costing you VIEWS and SUBSCRIBERS. If you've ever felt that you're wasting your effort, and creating more disappointment than results, You're In The Right Place. Before you can design/structure your brand, or your channel content, you have to know EXACTLY who you serve, the most influential ways to grab their attention and earn them as a subscriber/follower. 

  • The Youtube Algorithm Favors Niched Content.

    If you are "hoping" your videos do well, good luck with that. Youtube isn't a lottery, it's a system, a machine, and it's programmed to do one thing. We'll break that down in this class.  

  • This Is The MOST Effective Strategy for A Successful Channel

    You know the difference between big business and small business? Volume. It's the same thing for Youtube Channels. Success is just a matter of volume. Defining Your Niche and who you serve just means that Youtube can help get your videos in front of the right people. 

  • You Are In Someone's Niche Market Right Now.

    Believe it or not, you are absolutely in someone's "Niche Audience" right now. (Hint: You're in Mine!) You're probably in so many you could never count. 

What You'll Learn...

How To choose your niche, define it, and confirm it is the right fit for you. 


This is what the algorithm uses to suggest content and promote certain videos. If you don't get this part right, you'll never gain the favor of Youtube and reap the rewards of having your content promoted.


This is the actual vehicle you will use to drive your message into the heart of your viewers, the root of what keeps them watching and the base of "WHY" they want to subscribe to you in the first place.

HOW You'll Learn...


Not only do we cover over 30 different niche examples in this class, we also walk you through how to work these examples out, and a multi page workbook to do them in. 

  • First We Will Destroy Misconceptions

    You may think you have your niche nailed down already. After this, you may learn you don't. The point of this isn't to prove you wrong. It's to correct mistakes that can cost you both views and subscribers. You're truly going to love this.

  • Exploring How Super Successful Companies and Channels Define Their Niche and Target Audience

    Because we are more familiar with being marketed TO than marketing TO others, we will start in a place that is easier to identify. You'll never look at these companies the same after this. Matter of fact, you'll be walking around identifying niches everywhere you go. This will only make you a stronger creator. 

  • Discovering How Personality Types and Niches Pair Together 

    What makes people gravitate toward someone or a certain personality type? What you don't now about your personality type CAN hurt your effort to connect with your target audience. There are nothing but wins inside this tutorial we've prepared for you.  

Nail Your Niche

In Under 90 Minutes!

The research inside took many teams from multiple companies to compile. Plus, we studied our students and countless channels over the past year. The research has been done for you. Don't waste another minute trying to force a square peg into a round hole. Eliminate Confusion and Gain Clarity Today. Here's What's Inside:

3 Video Lessons

Each of the 3 lessons will end with an assignment from the workbook. These exercises will strategically walk you through identifying the niche that fits your goals best. 

    • Lesson 1: Identify

      Discover how to properly identify what a niche IS and IS NOT. We will cover nearly 40 examples to MAKE SURE you walk away with a CLEAR understanding. 

    • Lesson 2: Discover

      This is where We peel back the layers on misconceptions of niches and uncover some highly profitable, but quirky niches that may surprise you. We promise you will never forget these! LOL.

    • Lesson 3: Decide

      Passion doesn't always equal profits. We'll introduce the most profitable tool that will fit in your pocket! This lesson is sure to inspire you, and help you better identify why certain niches pair well with certain personalities. 

    This strategy is specific. This isn't a class where you're given info and left to figure it out. This isn't random. This isn't about "luck". This is designed to ensure you get the BEST RESULTS and truly understand WHY you are getting them (so you can repeat them). 

    Don't Wait!


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